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The testimonials below reflect only some of the people who have chosen to write to us about their experience with Advanced Water Systems. These are candid and unedited comments, for Advanced Water Systems is a customer oriented business and we need honest, direct responses in order to get better.

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I would like to thank you for taking some of your valuable time to really learn about our company. As president and general manager of Advanced Water Systems and Service, Inc. (your local EcoWater Systems dealer since 1989), I have been involved in water treatment full-time in East Tennessee since 1977. We are a family owned and operated business moving into our third generation — providing top quality water treatment service. We have over 20,000 loyal customers that we service regularly, and we are leading the industry by continually providing the latest technology in water treatment improvements and top quality service.

Despite that longevity and impeccable service, however, our competitor, the local Kinetico dealer, has decided to throw dirt at our company. They have misinformed customers about our company instead of standing on their own products. Quite the contrary, we have constantly improved our products and have not used air injection water treatment for many years. We have found that water conditions often do change over time and will then need different equipment to treat the condition properly. We are always forthright with our customers and answer any service call promptly and courteously.

The first five systems I sold in the early part of my career were Kinetico systems with Art Webber, the president of Kinetico at that time. We had trouble with them due to all the gears they contain, which are highly subject to wear and tear, causing the systems to malfunction constantly. Because of that, we chose to go in another direction. The Kinetico technology is old, and has not been copied by major manufacturers. Their technology lacks giving the user any kind of information of what is going on with their water and wastewater.

The 21st century has brought us an electronic and information age. Wouldn’t you rather have the latest technology from the world’s leading residential water treatment manufacturer in the world? Our Hydro-Link refining system gives you all the information you need to know about what is happening with your water, all for less than $2.00 annually in electrical use. We offer the latest patents, the best warranties and the highest ratings in the industry.

Please don’t be fooled by those other guys, call me any time to answer all of your water needs or issues. WE DARE YOU TO COMPARE!



Advanced Water Systems and Service, Inc.


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2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Joannie Harmon

    I started to think about a filtration system after the train overturned in Maryville and the ground water was compromised. Not that a filtration system would save us in the event of a toxic chemical spill, but it did get me thinking. Then a lady I worked with got one, and she was telling me about how bad chlorine is, and that we absorb more in the shower than we will ever drink from tap water. I guess I wasn’t paying attention in HS chemistry class, but chlorine wasn’t something I really thought about as being harmful since it’s added to our drinking water and all. I researched the heck out of filtration systems, and EcoSystems is really amazing. We recently had a whole house water filtration system installed, and OH MY GOSH!!! What a difference it has made. I didn’t realize how chlorinated our water was – think PUBLIC POOL!! nor how little shampoo and soap I actually need. Even our coffee tastes better. If anyone is in the market for a whole house water system complete with a reverse osmosis water filter for drinking, please contact Peryy Oliveira at 865-970-2225. He’s with Ecosystems and Advanced Water Systems. He’s retired housing contractor and he gave us lots of good tips such as taking the system off-line once a month for about 30 mins to let the chlorinated water back into the pipes to ensure no bacteria is growing. That will extend the life of the filters. Anyway, we are very happy we invested in clean water. If you decide to do the same, I highly recommend Perry. Super nice guy, not salesy or pushy. He’ll even come test your water for free and no obligation to buy anything. If you get a water test, post your chlorine levels in the comments below. Thanks everyone! Cheers!