Advanced Water Systems


Self-adjusts to your personal needs. The conditioner has a built-in memory that tracks and records usage for each day of the week. Using this information and the exclusive EcoWater Systems
Algorithm, the conditioner calculates the amount of water you will need the following day. After reviewing the amount of conditioned water left in the unit, it determines whether or not to regenerate for greater efficiency.

Enjoy preprogrammed memory without interruption. The programmed memory is permanent and is not affected by interruption such as power outage. The timer has a reserve power supply called a SuperCap II Capacitor. This rechargeable device will power the timer for more than 72 hours without electricity. Because the SuperCap II recharges automatically, there are never batteries to buy or dispose of.

Ease and comfort of transmitting data for service evaluation. The conditioner is
equipped with EASE (EcoWater’s Automated Service Evaluation) that allows you to dial up a diagnostic
center and transmit data via a mobile phone. The information is reviewed by an EASE technician taking note of water usage pattern, the amount of water used daily, how much hardness the conditioner is removing, how well the conditioner controls are functioning, how efficiently the valve is functioning, and how efficiently the water is being conditioned. If a service call is necessary, EASE can tell the service tech what repairs and parts are needed.

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