Advanced Water Systems

product_refinerThe ERR 3500/3502 Series Refiner is more than a water softener,more than a conditioner and filter. It is a water refining system specifically designed for city water applications. This refiner is a state-of-the-art water treatment system that features an internal computer that monitors the amount of water that you use and prompts the system to regenerate for actual and predicted water use. The demand regeneration technology with advanced electronic memory regenerates only as needed. And the preprogrammed memory can be overridden to regenerate more frequently in the event of houseguests or sudden, temporary increases in water use.

This industry-leading product also features an advanced remote monitor so you can check the status from anywhere in your home. This remote flashes to alert you if you are low on salt/potassium or if service is needed. This convenient, patent-pending feature is only available from EcoWater Systems. This is also available in a two tank design for larger homes.