Advanced Water Systems

Our systems are designed to meet the criteria of the environmental and sustainability programs being implemented in today’s workplace.

Our systems provide an endless, renewable supply of environmentally friendly, pure, fresh and healthy drinking water.

Our multi-stage purification process removes contaminants and delivers delicious piping hot or ice cold water through a sanitary electronic dispense port. The sleek and stylish design fits into any office decor. Flexible filtration options ensure that there is a model to suit any requirement.

Features and Benefits E Series-Electronic Dispense

  • Available in black or white
  • Ultra Violet in Cooling Tank Bio-Film Control Option
    • In tank assembly for maximum performance and ease of maintenance
  • Solid state UV bulb and sleeve assembly
    • Eliminates glow starter service calls
    • Ensures accurate performance
  • Designed for use with R/O or Micro Filtration systems
  • Electronic Dispense (safety hot)
    • Rapid flow high volume faucet
    • Hands free activation
    • Designed for use with PET bottles and no extension of the faucet into the bottle
    • Hot faucet safety function
    • Dependable C cup design
    • No drip or flow after release
  • Sleek appliance appearance with raised faucet height
    • Raised faucet height to eliminate bending or stooping
    • Sleek appearance gives high end appliance feel
    • Increased faucet area for large glasses and sport bottles
  • Faucet area allows use in multiple environments, sport bottle large coffee mug etc.
  • High Capacity Stainless Cold Tank with ice ring stabilizer
    • 304 stainless 2 gallon tank
    • Welded tubing connections
    • Ice ring stabilizer to avoid accidental float activation
  • High Capacity Stainless hot tank
    • 30% more readily available hot water
    • 30% larger capacity than other competitors
    • 100% insulated tank
    • 460 watt internal heating element
  • Primary and secondary floats
    • Electronic polymer body primary float
      • Diaphragm protected plunger
      • No metal contact
      • 24 volt
    • Mechanical float in tank secondary
      • Float activates even without electricity
  • Stainless-removable Cold tank lid for easy access with lock down clamps
    • Silicone gasket for positive seal
    • Easy removal no tools required to access the cold tank components
  • Quick connect wiring harnesses
    • Pre wired and ready to R/O booster pump
    • Non UV model can have UV added with easy to install kit
  • Adjustable leveling feet
  • Adjustable cold control (38o to 46 o F)
  • LED indicator panel
  • Drip tray with knock out for drain
  • Lifting handles
  • Heavy gauge powder coated side panels
  • Solid state circuit board with microprocessor control
  • 4 screw access to complete unit
  • Cold tank and hot tank drain
  • Easy installation to provide filtered water for a coffee brewer or accessory item-even on the R/O model


ELP – Series Reverse Osmosis Systems are engineered in response to the need within the light commercial market for a system without a pump. The ELP – Series systems provide a cost–effective solution for customers and are easy to install and maintain. These systems are designed to be wall mounted, and feature a 5 – Micron Sediment and 10 – Micron Carbon Pre–Filters, Slim Line Cartridge Housings, 500 GPD membrane and membrane housing.

ELP – Series Reverse Osmosis Systems are available in models ranging from 350 to 700 gallons per day (GPD), at a line pressure of 70 psi (ELP – 350 and ELP – 700). The ELP – 500 model is also available with a pump to deliver 500 GPD.


  • Cover with Glycerin–Filled Pressure Gauges Including:
    • Post–Filter Pressure Gauge
    • Operational Pressure Gauge
    • Permeate Pressure Gauge
    • DM 2 Dual TDS Meter
  • TF – 3012 – 350 Membrane Element
  • 3012 Membrane Housing
  • 2.5” x 20” 5 – Micron Sediment Pre–Filter
  • 2.5” x 20” 10 – Micron Carbon Block Pre–Filter and Post–Filter
  • 20” Slim Line Cartridge Housings
  • Automatic Shut Off Valve
  • Push/Pull Fittings with Locking Safety Clip

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