Advanced Water Systems

EcoWater has been designing, manufacturing and installing residential water equipment since 1925.

EcoWater manufactures 100’s of products, however, Advanced Water Systems of Louisville has chosen the best solutions for the problems in East Tennessee.

The EPA directed the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) to form a Homeland Security program called The Environmental Technology Verification Program of which EcoWater is part!

Filters take contaminants out of the water, membranes take water out of the contaminates!

Women think differently about water then men!

The NSF only recognizes a few processes to treat water:

  • Ion exchange (water softening)
  • Absorption (filtering)
  • Reverse osmosis (membranes)
  • Distillers
  • Ultraviolet treatment (disinfectant)

Softeners can regenerate using potassium!

Salt (sodium chloride) is used to regenerate water softeners and when doctors discuss salt and its effects on a person’s health, they are referring to sodium chloride, and not sodium bicarbonate which is the result of softening.

Tom harkin, d-iowa, the chairman of the senate, health, education, labor, resume help and pensions committee, and rep.